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Treble Tipster - Bespoke Fibreglass tips for Irish Dance Shoes

Treble Tipster are the Champion’s provider of bespoke fibreglass tips for Irish dancing jig shoes. We pride ourselves on the ‘sound of success’ from our hand crafted fibreglass tips.

Each tip is hand moulded directly onto your Irish dancing heavy/jig shoe for that ultimate crisp clear beat. We aim to enhance your performance in your drive to be a Champion Irish Dancer. Our heavy shoe tips are worn by champions the world over.

Treble Tipster repair and replace tips and heels on all brands of Irish dance heavy shoes, using our own champions choice fiberglass tips and bubble heels – giving you the perfect combination. Boynewalk shoes with our own bespoke tip are now available for order.

We stock a great range of products to keep your shoes in tip top shape – laces, straps, buckles etc. and our fabulous heel and tip touch up kit to keep those tips and heels looking like new.