Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to tip shoes?
The tipping process takes approximately 3 working days.

What sort of tips do you do?
Our tips are a dense green fibre glass similar to that on a Boynewalk Storm – this superior fibre glass gives the best sound.

How can I keep my tips black?
Use our heel and tip ultimate touch up kit to keep you heels and tips looking like new – the smallest little drop goes a long way.

How do I know if my shoes need tipped?
Examine regularly the back of the tip, where the tip meets the ball of the foot. If this area is worn and level with the sole of the shoe- your shoe needs re-tipped. Additionally if the front your tip looks worn re-tipping is recommended.

How often do my shoes need tipped?
It depends on each individual- how often they practise and the floors they practice on. Some shoes need tipped every 2-3months for others they can last 6 months.

Can tips be a variety of sizes?
Please contact us directly to discuss individual requests.